Our Menu

We’d love to create a menu to suit your needs. The below is an example of some of the options we offer.
Please contact us to discuss details.



Beetroot / citrus cured salmon on buckwheat pancakes and creme fraiche

Mini tarts:
+Beetroot and goats cheese
+ Asparagus and gruyere
+Mushroom anchovy and olive

Vegetarian rice paper rolls - tofu, pickled veg, herbs

Mushroom galette - Puff pastry, roast mushroom and mozzarella

Beetroot tortellini with chevre, ricotta and chives, walnut and burnt butter sauce

+ Spiced beef on brioche buns with havarti cheese, tomato, relish and pickles
+ Dry spiced Rockling with fennel coleslaw, pickles and aioli

Potato latke with horseradish cream and slow cook brisket


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A whole side of chermoula salmon topped with almonds and coriander

A whole side of salmon with ginger soy and maple syrup

Slow cooked brisket red wine and star anise

Whole cut chicken with saffron hazelnut and rose water

Chicken roasted with orange, mustard and fennel

Herb pie - spinach, mint, parsley and pecorino and manouri cheese

Vegetable tart - spinach cherry tomato and goats cheese. 


+ Spring salad - broad beans, asparagus, radish
+ Artichoke rocket, herb and pecorino
+ Green beans, snow peas orange and hazelnut dressing
+ Chat potato with pesto, pecorino and peas
+ Freekeh salad with nuts, currents and soft goats cheese
+ Fattoush salad - Chopped tomato, cucumber, radish, sumac, yoghurt dressing
+ Warm wild rice salad with herbs, currants, spiced chickpeas and fried onions
+ Red cabbage, radish, peas fennel, walnuts and goats cheese
+ Beetroot and pomegranate with pistachios and herbs
+ Roast zucchini, cherry tomato, halloumi pesto and rocket

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Lemon curd, raspberry coulis and mascarpone cream served in a glass

Fudgy chocolate mousse and cream served in a glass

Single serve pavlova with raspberries, pistachio and mascarpone cream

Mini chocolate ganache tarts

Mini mixed berry tarts

Almond and orange zested florentine dipped in dark chocolate

Filo cigars with rosemary and orange zest, pistachios and sweet syrup